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IEYSA United Camps with Mitchell Weller:
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"Footwork & Finishing"

The Footwork & Finishing Camp teaches the fundamentals of all types of finishing and promotes ball mastery. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and tools for each player to become a natural goal scorer through proper technique and execution. Our program consists of realistic, game-like exercises and small-sided games that nurtures the growth of each player's technical ability with the ball and their capacity to finish in all situations. 


  • Ball mastery: Use of both feet, first touch, dribbling at pace
  • Finishing breakaways; 1v1
  • Striking with all parts of the foot for placement and power
  • Shooting from various distances and angles
  • One and two-touch finishing
  • Finishing crosses - headers, volleys & half-volleys
  • Develop composure and poise
  • Situational training and game understanding (positional awareness)


The Fundamentals Camp is designed to create a fun, challenging environment to improve each player's technical ability and tactical understanding. Our goal is to help develop the complete soccer player, and to further their love for the game. We will provide opportunities for players to experience success, gain self-confidence, and make decisions under pressure through repetition in skill work and small-sided games.


  • Ball mastery (footwork/dribbling)
  • Passing and receiving
  • Shooting
  • Attacking and defending principles
  • Situational training and game understanding (positional awareness)
  • Instill hard work and express creativity

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